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I am interested in the ancient game of go. The game is the most fascinating game in the world. The aim is to surround larger territory on the 19x19 board than your opponent's using either white or black stones. The number of variation in the game is tremendous, it by many orders of magnitude larger than the number of variations in chess.

While the game is extermemly complex the rules are simple. A short introduction to the rules and the most basic concepts can be found at Mori's interactive tutor . I made a Ukranian translation of Mori's go tutor .

The best way to play go is to join a local club, if possible. They are scattered all over the world, because while the game is mostly popular in the East Asia, there are players everywhere in other parts of the world.

A large online community plays on the go servers. I play on IGS as holigor, 1k* and KGS as barvinok, 1d . As you can see I am rather average amateur player.

I like to contribute the the Sensei's library which is a Wiki server for the international go community.

While computers achieved great success in chess, the algorithm for programming computer go player escapes the programmers. The best computer players are much weaker than an average casual human player. I can beat any existing computer program easily on nine stone handicap. My own attempt at creating a go program is pathetic so far.

A rating table of world leading go players computed by the rating system I designed.

My visit to Linkoping